Our Mission - Our World

As a result of our experience living and working at the grassroots level in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and the USA for many years, we founded T & C Imports and Frog Tree® Yarns.

We believe that talented, hard-working artisans of these areas should receive a just wage in order to provide a dignified life for their families. We believe that our clients should receive the same treatment.

We price fairly for our high quality products. We emphasize prompt customer service. And we commit to creating a sense of community, mutual respect and enjoyment in our working relationships.

We strive to use the company we founded, Frog Tree® Yarns, as a tool for supporting educational and environmental projects throughout the world.

Thank you for choosing Frog Tree® Yarns. And thank you for partnering with us in our mission.

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Quality Yarns Supporting Quality Lives

Frog Tree Yarns is a wholesaler of soft, luxurious high-end yarns in a beautiful range of colors. We use only the highest quality materials from Peru and Bolivia.

We don’t sell directly to knitters, but have created this site as a resource for knitters to learn more about our lines. To connect with a yarn shop in your area who stock our products. please see our Shop Locator.

Community Links International

Making a Difference...

This work has brought much satisfaction to our lives; as we have seen the lives of many artisans in developing countries improve. If you are interested in learning more about how you can make a difference too, please visit CommunityLinks.org.